God’s Ongoing Provision

We’ve needed a freezer, badly.  The older chest freezer we’d been given finally gave up the ghost in September.  Though we didn’t loose much, we did lose some, which was frustrating.  Not only that, but I had to start a whole new way of shopping because we didn’t have the space to stock up like I’m used to doing.  It has been a bit of a hassle and a definite inconvenience!

Over the last several weeks, Chris has watched craigslist faithfully, looking for a chest freezer that would meet our needs and that we could afford. More than once he called on an ad, only to discover that the freezer was already gone.  With two deer ready to go into the freezer (more examples of God’s provision!!), the situation was growing critical.

Yesterday, Chris excitedly awaited a return call from a gentleman who had a very nice freezer just a little outside our price range but still workable.  Another party was coming to look at it but if they didn’t show up quickly (a common problem with craigslist), that gentleman would call Chris.  He never did.  Chris was disappointed, but we both knew God would provide just what we needed.  We just didn’t know when.

Well, God decided to provide a freezer, for $30, yesterday afternoon!!  The gentleman who sold it to us is a Christian who is moving out of Spokane and couldn’t take the freezer with him. It is older, but has been working well until it was unplugged just days ago.

It is with humble thanksgiving that we celebrate, once again, God’s provision for our needs, in His way and in His time, but His provision none the less!

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