Potty Stops

We are on our way across the country.  As you can imagine, when traveling with children, you will have a tremendous number of potty stops.  As we’re progressed across state lines, we’ve had a variety of experiences. None can compare to our time in Indiana, though.

Indiana makes it very clear they do not want people stopping on the side of the interstate, for any reason. So, we didn’t.  Caleb piped up from the back that he needed to go to potty, and that he couldn’t wait (since he’d figured out the routine of asking him to wait already), then Winnie added that she also needed to go.  So, Chris said he’d pull over at the next rest stop.  Unfortunately, we missed the next rest stop. So, Chris decided to pull off at the next stop.

The next stop took us on a wild goose chase of  several miles, leading us past several small establishments that did not have qualifying bathrooms.  Finally, Chris decided to turn around. We headed back past the same establishments, still with no success locating a bathroom.  Just before the interstate on-ramp, we were stopped by a train!  As you can imagine, kids in the back were starting to see yellow!  Then, after the train got past and we decided to pull of on the on-ramp, a state trooper drove past! 

By this time, I was laughing so hard that tears were rolling down my face.  Only the Rodgers would pull off on an exit that didn’t have a bathroom, get stuck behind a train, AND have a state trooper drive by as they were stopping to potty on the side of the road!!  The trooper drove by, kids took care of business, and we headed back on our way.