Why Am I Still Here?


Tire bolts are great inventions. They are designed to hold tires in place, and do a fantastic job. They are pretty small. But they are also V. E. R. Y. important. Doesn’t matter what you drive (truck, mini-car, hybrid, electric car, full-size van), tire bolts are essential.

I found that out, the hard way. The vehicle I was driving lost three of them; they were sheared off completely. We didn’t go very far after that.

The really amazing part is, I had literally pulled off the interstate moments before!! After driving over 700 miles. If that tire had come off any earlier, the outcome would have been very different.

If my tire had flown off at any earlier point during my journey, both me and my teenage daughter would probably have been killed. Only God knows how many other people could have been injured. It would have been ugly…very ugly. But it wasn’t

That things happened the way they did begs the question, “Why?”. Why did God protect me? Why did God keep that tire on for over 700 miles, wobbly though it might have been, and keep it from flying off on the interstate? Why did God spare my life?

At this moment, I truly don’t know. But I know He did. If Psalm 139:16 and Ephesians 2:10 are taken literally, I can say with confidence it is because God has more for me to do!! What, exactly, remains to be seen. But realizing you’ve been spared from death certainly makes you re-evaluate what you are investing in. And helps clarify priorities.

As I begin a new day, and in a sense, a new life, I am filled with humility, and thankfulness. It is a gift to be alive. And a responsibility. God has given me a gift. I need to steward it well.