God the Great Provider

 As faith-based missionaries, we have ample opportunity to see God’s hand of provision for us.  Such is the case with our dryer.  The dryer we purchased when we moved into our house two years ago was a very old electric dryer Chris found at a local thrift store for $30.  It dried the clothes quite effectively, and considering the amount of work it did, lasted a long time. Just days ago, it finally succumbed to “old age” and gave up the ghost.  Having only cost $30, it wasn’t worth trying to repair.  With as much laundry as we do, it had to be replaced, and quick!

We began looking for a second-hand dryer.  Buying used appliances can be quite a gamble, so we prayed and asked others to pray.  God answered.  Just last night I was checking on craigslist.com and found a not-that-old Whirlpool in Post Falls.  I called to get a little more information and to see when we could come take a look at it.  

As it turns out, I was the first one to call.  Apparently, several others had called and were interested.  But, the lady who was selling the dryer gave us the first option, since I had called first.  Chris went out this morning, picked up the dryer, got it set up, and we’ve been drying clothes since!! 

Though some may disagree with me, I’m convinced God saved that dryer for us.  The lady could have sold it to any of the other people who were interested.  Many sellers on craigslist.com won’t hold something or wait – whoever gets there first gets the item.  How thankful I am that this experience was different, and that I can rest in God’s provision, no matter what the need.  He truly is the Great Provider.

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