The Greek word “metamorphoo” is the root word for metamorphosis. It can also be translated “transformation”. Metamorphosis is what happens to a butterfly in its cocoon; a radical transformation takes place.


Cru, a faith-based non-profit, illustrates the transformation that takes place with circles, like this:






When you open your heart to Jesus, a dramatic transformation takes place.

Life isn’t all unicorns and rainbows. But, how you respond to life becomes different. You are no longer alone in your efforts to make it through life. And that is huge.

Not quite a year ago, a couple attended the Weekend to Remember getaway at the Coeur d’Alene Resort. And heard this message clearly for the first time. They were separated, living in different homes, heading quickly for divorce. When they heard that they could have a personal relationship with Jesus, both responded enthusiastically. Within days, they moved back in together. They’ve continued to weather storms and struggle with challenges, but instead of doing so alone, they can lean on Jesus and they still have each other. It is a beautiful story of transformation.

Now, Justin and Crystal are trying to encourage other people to attend the Weekend to Remember. They shared their story here.

You can read more stories of transformation and learn about how you can go from the top circle to the bottom circle here.