If you build it…

The momentum grows as we get closer to April when General Duke will share what brings him the most satisfaction in life.

In answer to your prayers, God provided a connection at the military base, and just today Chris was able to meet with the wing chaplain to discuss details for an event at Fairchild.  We are thrilled to announce that General Duke will be speaking at the base!!  The event will be voluntary, to make sure General Duke has the freedom to share his message without editing the Gospel.

With a  possible audience of up to 700 people, between the military event (500) and the business event (200), the scope of what we’re attempting has gotten really bigThe need for prayer grows as the scope increases! More than anything, we want to honor the Lord with our efforts to make sure everyone in Spokane knows someone who truly follows Jesus. We also want to do a job that will bring glory to God.

If even just a fraction of those who attend express an interest in Bible study or want to hear more information about a relationship with Jesus, we’ll be hard pressed to connect with each person. But, what a great problem to have – more people who want to talk about a relationship with Jesus than we have time to talk to!

Though we feel a bit overwhelmed by all the doors God is opening, what happens during General Duke’s visit to Spokane is up to Him. And, God cares more about the almost 400,000 people in Spokane who are headed for a Christless eternity than we do. That is a very comforting thought.