(Hearing about) Success in the Death Zone

Wow; what an amazing morning. This morning, Eric Alexander shared with an intimate audience about his experience leading a blind man to the top of Mount Everest.

Leaving my house before 6:30 am isn’t a normal occurrence, and I am not a big “mountaineer” type person. Honestly, I attended this morning’s Priority Associates breakfast because I am married to the coordinator. Consequently, I wasn’t expecting to be so greatly blessed or encouraged. Was I in for a surprise!

Eric Alexander did a fantastic job sharing his story (detailed in his book, The Summit and a movie, “Farther than the Eye Can See”) of leading his blind friend to scale the world’s tallest peak. Eric’s entertaining and winsome presentation, however, included far more than just technical details of the climb. I left feeling inspired to scale my own mountains, even if they are simply the piles of dirty laundry by the washing machine or baskets of clothes waiting to be folded.

Eric encouraged everyone who attended, but he did far more than share an inspiring story. He shared how his relationship with Jesus made it possible to achieve such amazing feats. And though the audience was small, his words connected to the heart of many present. Only God knows the impact that has been made for eternity.

Now begins the true measure of success for an event like today; continuing the relationship with those who attended. Chris and I will begin contacting everyone, to see if we can come along side them in their spiritual journey. From brief conversations this morning, this promises to be a memorable adventure.