List of God’s Amazing Provisions so far for 2011

  • Help with medical bills at the local hospital

  • Free diaper service (thank you, MHN moms and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Service!)

  • Help paying for JJ’s Prevacid when it was going to cost $200 for  a month

  • Prevacid with no co-pay through a mail-order pharmacy our insurance is contracted with

  • Over $1500 to work on our basement/bathroom remodeling project

  • A volunteer to help Chris with the basement; a former remodeler who is being discipled by Chris (Thank you, Chuck).

  • Additional gifts totaling almost $1000 to help with summer expenses and medical costs

  • An infant reflux wedge for JJ on ebay for $20 instead of $200!! And, the money to buy the wedge along with a new harness.

  • A fantastic stroller that JJ can ride in comfortably, for less than a quarter of the new price, and paid for by gifts

  • Help with meals at various times – makes a HUGE difference mentally to know that dinner is taken care of, even if JJ is really fussy

  • Lots of friends to help hold a fussy baby, especially Cynde, who came and helped hold JJ in the middle of the night

  • A new diaper bag (thank you, Brandy)

  • Clothes for JJ

  • Help with buying clothes for the girls and shopping

  • Materials for the bathroom remodel that are significantly below cost

  • Free design for the basement (Thank you Oscar)

Summer Adventures

Can you believe we’re over half way through summer?! I can’t. It seems like we just finished up classes at co-op and now we’re getting ready to start again. But, life at the Rodgers’ house has not been boring over the last several weeks. Between JJ’s reflux, kids getting sick and hurt, and Eva being two, life has been quite exciting indeed. Today, thankfully, has been fairly quiet. JJ has been asleep for about an hour (swaddled, with his head elevated), which has been almost like a vacation. Eva and Caleb are in bed, with a vigilant guard close to their bedroom door, and I have a few minutes to post an update.

Yesterday, however, was a different story entirely. It was, partly I’m sure, due to the fact that my mother-in-law was coming to dinner and I really wanted to be ready. You know how that goes… JJ was very fussy yesterday, so uncomfortable that he’d fuss if we just sat down with him, even if he was upright. Being distracted by JJ, I didn’t notice for a little that Caleb and Eva were being very quiet in the bathroom. I opened the door just in time to see Eva snip hair from her right temple, though it doesn’t really show.  Caleb did a good job balancing the chops he took out of his hair, and it was painfully obvious. But, as I was reminded in a number of ways (and incredibly thankful for), it was not painful. We didn’t have to go to the ER and everyone’s clothes are still very much intact.

Here is what Caleb looked like immediatley following his date with scissors…

Caleb's new doo








Winnie buzzed Caleb’s hair this morning. Eva also wanted her hair buzzed, but we chose not to honor that request. So, here is a photo of Caleb’s newer new doo…

What Caleb looked like after his buzz cut. Maybe he'll follow his Uncle Andy and Uncle Mike by joining the Marine Corps.

 We decided not to worry about Eva’s hair. It looks crazy anyway and needs skills beyond what we possess.

Though not excited, Caleb cooperated with the photos. I told him that when he is a daddy, I’m going to pull out these old pictures to remind him of just what an ornery child he was. He thought that was pretty funny. We’ll see who has the last laugh.