Will You Get in the Wheelbarrow?

Have you ever heard the illustration of faith about the young tightrope walker over Niagara Falls? You know the one, where a brave (or foolhardy, depending on who you talk to) man strings a tightrope across Niagara Falls, then proceeds to mount the rope in prImageeparation to walk across the chasm, white waves churning beneath him. 

The tightrope walker inquires; did those standing around him believe he could walk across the falls? As the crowd watches, the tightrope walker embarks. The farther out on the wire he gets, the quieter the crowd becomes, until finally, not a sound can be heard except the wild waters
boiling below. After several tense moments, the young man returns successfully to solid ground. The crowd explodes, cheering and slapping the young man on the back.

The curious crowd mills around, waiting to see what this fearless adventurer plans next. They are not disappointed; the crowd parts for a wheelbarrow. Again the young man asks, do the spectators believe he can walk across the tightrope with a wheelbarrow? Having seen his successful endeavor, everyone responds with enthusiasm; YES!

A critical question silences the cheers; who is willing to get in the wheelbarrow? 


Our daughter, Sarah, has been given an opportunity to get in the wheelbarrow. God opened the door for her to go to Africa, and she is walking through it. Just yesterday (Wednesday, January 11), Sarah sent out a letter, asking friends, relatives, and ministry partners to help her buy airline tickets; she needed $1200 by evening. People responded. The money came in within five hours.

Now, she is waiting for the remaining $1000+ needed for in-country expenses to come in. Today, we’ve seen God provide almost half the money!

Sarah is not quite 13, but she will be when she heads to the “dark continent.” It is crazy to think of letting her go, except for t

he fact that we are completely confident this is God’s plan. We are at peace, and even feel excited to see God give our daughter such an incredible opportunity.

If you want more information about what Sarah will be doing and where she will be going, please visit http://www.toddingram.com. Donations are tax-deductible and can be made either by check, credit card, or paypal. Just make a note that the funds are for Sarah Rodgers’ trip.

Come back to check out photos and stories of what God does while Sarah is in Kenya, as well as our on-going (but hopefully soon to be completed) remodeling project.