God’s Ongoing Provision, con’t

Chris in his new 2003 Suburban

This is the Suburban we were just given

Wow.  That word is completely inadequate, but words fail to communicate our true sentiments.  Yesterday afternoon, a couple we’d never met drove up to our house with a beautiful 2003 Suburban.  They walked to our front door, accepted Chris’s invitation to come in, then, after making some small talk, handed my husband the keys and owner’s manual to the Suburban!! 

The story is amazing, but I haven’t had the opportunity to write out all the details completely.  Be checking back regularly so you can read the entire story.  In short, God put it on the heart of a dear couple from Boise to purchase a wrecked Suburban, rebuild it, drive it to Spokane, and give it to us!  The girls and I have been praying for a new vehicle for Chris for almost a year, but never expected God would answer this way.

Chris is, understandably, delighted.  All of us, and all those who have heard the story are amazed.  Please join us as we celebrate Jehovah Jirah, our provider!!  Wow.

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