Divine Appointments

Two weeks ago, I met with the catering manager at a local hotel, to look at her facility as a possible location for future events. As it turns out, she is a follower of Jesus, and very excited about what Priority Associates is all about. By the end of my tour (which included lunch, yum), she’d asked me to mentor her; we have our first meeting tomorrow!

Chris had an exciting conversation last week. He met a friend for coffee. Though a believer, this gentleman has never been discipled. Their conversation quickly turned to spiritual things, and Chris shared about how much different coaching made in the life of another gentleman who has been a believer for 20+ years. His friend said, “I want that!” So, now Chris will be meeting with him on a regular basis, to cover some basic principles and concepts that he has never learned. We’re especially excited because this gentleman is an “influencer,” and has many connections within the business community of Spokane.

Thank you for your prayers for Spokane. We are excited to see what God is doing.

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