New Christmas Traditions

The day after Christmas can be boring, even depressing. The packages are gone from under the tree, anticipation easily gives way to disappointment as loved ones head home and reality sets back in. Even the music, which was so magical just days ago, is a reminder that Christmas is over.

In anticipation of this reality, we began looking for traditions to make the most out of the season. That quest led us to an amazing adventure. We spent this morning at the local crisis shelter for women and children.It was AWESOME!

Eight kids and three mamas joined us; we had quite the crowd . Kids were slow to warm up, but big girls really helped out, loving on the little ones and making each one feel special. Expecting kids to be a bit shy, we started with games, then made zany New Year’s Eve hats. Everyone loved the activity and the hats turned out great. Everyone had so much fun that we lost track of time!! Before we knew it, the morning was gone.

Perhaps taking your children to a crisis shelter the day after Christmas is a bit unusual, but we have always been unconventional. And, the family has all agreed; we want to go back. Now we just have to figure out when!