Going Home for Christmas

Our government is supposed to have a safety net in place, to help the weak, down-trodden, and most vulnerable of our society. Unfortunately, that net has gaping holes. And the structures once in place to find help through local churches aren’t as vibrant as they once were. Many can, and do, slip through the cracks. For one family, life for the last year has been sliding through one crack after another. Theirs, truly, is a story of what is wrong with our current system. That story is changing, however. A generous benefactor, along with a Spirit-filled local church and several individuals, have stepped forward to close the gaps and help this desperate mama and her children. Below are photos of this dear mama as she found out her prayers had been answered and she would have a place to call home.

IMG_00001516 IMG_00001518 IMG_00001522 IMG_00001526 IMG_00001529

This dear woman, and two of her four children, have prayed to receive Christ in the last four months. Their lives have been completely transformed, in part by those who donate so generously to our work. Without the freedom to focus our energy and attention on connecting this family with the heart of God, who knows what their story would be. They definitely wouldn’t be home for Christmas.

A beautiful part of the story is the safe arrival of this precious bundle.


She arrived exactly four months, to the day, after God transformed her mama’s life.

This is her first Christmas, and this beautiful baby girl, who has never had a real place to call “home” should be settled soon!


God has once again kept His promises; that is a precious thing to remember as we begin this most blessed of weeks. Merry Christmas, and may you be blessed with far more than things during this holiday.

I know I have been.