A Lego Among Many

So well said, Dayle. Thank you so much for sharing.

Tip of My Iceberg

Back in the day when our kids were little–and so was our budget–we would haunt garage sales for the treasures we knew we’d find there. Gently used clothes. Buckets of broken crayons. Toys we’d never consider purchasing new.

And Legos.imgres-1

All our kids went through a Lego phase. We never considered buying them new–for the length of time our kids would engage in the building, new was not worth it.

But we’d find buckets of the things from families whose kids had moved on to bigger things than Legos. Small pieces tossed together with random parts from a variety of sets. And for awhile, they’d build things of incredible height and color. Even if it wasn’t architecturally sound.

What makes Legos fun is the bazillion things you can build with them.

And the colors. Bright. Bold. Different. You wouldn’t want to buy sets of only one color.


We’ve just finished…

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