God’s Treasure

This poem was written over twenty years ago, for a class in seminary. The professor encouraged me to publish it, but I didn’t know how. So, I’ve just held onto it, until now. But as Easter draws near this year, I am compelled to share, finally. Here, published for the first time, is my poem, God’s Treasure.

Easter 2015

                                God’s Treasure

                          by Marchauna Rodgers

Pain pierces her heart with each blow of the hammer

The ring of metal on metal causes an involuntary cringe

Unwillingly, she remembers the treasures.


The first lusty cry, the tender early moments

In her mind’s eye she can see clearly His first

                Step, how He tottered, then fell, smile intact.

Oh, she loved Him dearly.

Painfully she remembers the treasures.


On angels’ wings the message came, a son

Would be born, the Christ-child, Messiah, King.

His weak cry for water snaps her back to reality.

Fleetingly she remembers the water turned to wine.

Wistfully she remembers the treasures.


No room in the inn, increasing pain, she knew

There wasn’t much time. The stable, the shepherds,

The infant King. Angels all around to herald

And sing His praises. Did they know, even then,

What she would face one day?

Unwillingly, she remembers the treasures.


“It is finished” He cries. John’s strong arms support

Her. Through her tears she sees the spear.

As pain courses through her body,

She remembers the treasures.


Day turns to night. Reality is lost. The

Promised Messiah, her precious son, is dead.

The dreams of a lifetime, the Kingdom to come

All forfeit to the overwhelming cost of grief.

In her sorrow, she clings to the treasures.


Days pass, can it be true? This day begins early

So much to do. What? The grave is empty?

His Body is gone?! Something is TERRIBLY wrong!

Who is that man, so familiar…she thinks of

Her son. Then, with unbelief and an

Unspeakable joy, Mary eternally embraces God’s Treasure

© Marchauna Rodgers, all rights reserved, April 1, 2015

4 thoughts on “God’s Treasure

  1. What perfect timing for an amazing message that is beautifully depicted in such graphic words.

    What else do you have in your reper

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