Oz Never Did Give Nothing To The Tin Man*

Can you relate to my friend, Dayle, and her experiences with assumptions about how others think? Do you long to be known, but struggle because your assumptions (that others think like you do) tend to create certain expectations that fail to be met? I certainly do. What an insightful reminder that we are known, and loved, by our Good Shepherd. Thanks, Dayle!!

Tip of My Iceberg

There’s so much information in my head right now I swear it’s falling out my ears.

It’ll have to. Nothing else will fit.

This past week of training was more than a series of “aha” moments and brilliant sparks of clarity. Learning more about how we’re put together with unique talents, learning to work from those talents to experience success in how we’re made isn’t just a fun head trip.

It deeply impacts relationships.

Surprise, surprise.

After a boatload of years together, I figured John and I knew each other. Pretty well, at least. But after the training last week, another moment of insight hit me.

I’m from Venus. He must be from Neptune. Or infinity and beyond.unnamed

We work at becoming familiar with those we love and live with. With those who are important in our lives. And intuitively, we all know that no one thinks like we do…

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