You’re Different…

“You’re different…”. Those words that caught my attention as Chris spoke with some Jehovah’s Witness missionaries in our home this morning. Gracious, courteous, but passionate about the truth, Chris repeatedly shared the difference between a personal relationship with Jesus and what they teach. At one point, one of the gentlemen spoke up and said “You’re different. You aren’t like most of the Christians we meet…you have confidence, and hope…” Wow.

During the course of the conversation, I was struck by two things…their broad knowledge of Scripture, even if they are interpreting it incorrectly, and their statement that their homepage is the most widely translated religious website on the internet right now. How to verify their statement, I don’t know, but that they are making such a claim is rather sobering. We have the message of hope the world is looking for. We have the message of truth the world is desperate for. We have the transforming power of an intimate and personal relationship with the very Creator of the world. Yet, so many are turning to false religions. And that begs the question…why? What is it about the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses that is so attractive? Or, what is it about how they deliver their message that draws so many in? Why are so many being fooled and led astray? Difficult questions, but well worth asking…

It is also worth asking why Chris’s faith is so notably different from the faith of so many others these missionaries have spoken to. What sets him apart? What gives him the “confidence” these men noted? And is it something any follower of Jesus can enjoy?

The Sunday School answer is Jesus, but it is really encapsulated in this article from It has made a tremendous difference not only in Chris’s life, but in the lives of countless other believers as well. It is one of the most spiritual disciplines anyone can develop.

It is our privilege to meet with people in Spokane and share with them not only the hope available through a personal relationship with Jesus, but also how to plug into the power available through the Holy Spirit, especially when life doesn’t feel good or make sense. If you live in the Spokane area and are interested in learning more, leave a comment below so we can get in touch with you.

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