You’ll Have To Pry My Cold, Dead Fingers Off Those Plans

Wise, insightful words from a dear friend and precious sister in the Lord. Thank you, Dayle, for sharing this piece of your iceberg, and for letting God encourage others through you.

Tip of My Iceberg

I’m a closet passive/aggressive control freak.

That was so much harder to admit than I thought. I’m the adaptable one. The easy-going, go-with-the-flow kind of a gal who doesn’t stress over curve balls or wrenches thrown into the works. The one others rely on to be steady when the brown stuff hits the fan.

As long as I’ve got a grip on things.

John’s recovery from surgery has gone slower than I thought it would. Not that I expected him to be running around the block IMG_5846now, but the pain is at a level where he’s hardly moving.

He went off his pain meds after two days. Made him sick to his stomach. Couldn’t bend over to throw up in the bathroom, so he puked in the kitchen sink.

My kitchen isn’t the haven it once was.

I feel so bad for him, but there’s nothing I can do to…

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