Celebrate with Us

If you are anything like me, you’ve been receiving matching funds requests and invitations to give in your mailbox and inbox, for days. Especially today, as we count down the final hours of 2014, the emails are coming with greater speed and volume.


And I understand; everything costs money. Sending letters, hosting websites, meeting with clients, networking…it all costs money. Cru City-Spokane is a faith-based organization with no central funds for paying for anything…I totally get it.

Most will agree, too, that you can always use just a little bit more.IMG_00000336

But on this final day of 2014, as your inboxes and mailboxes fill with requests for support, I want to take a moment to celebrate what God has provided!! Cru City-Spokane has seen hundreds of dollars, mostly unsolicited, come in during the last twelve months. We are finishing the year without a deficit, which is miraculous…loaves and fishes stuff, truly.

2015 is ripe with opportunity. God is opening doors in exciting ways and unexpected places; speaking, teaching, engaging in reconciliation, international mission trips, leadership development, and strategic alliances are all on the horizon. And while we have no idea how God is going to provide the necessary finances, we are confident He will. So, we’re thanking God in advance for providing, and celebrating what He has provided. And we want to invite you to celebrate with us, too. If you have a praise report, on anything at all, please leave a comment below and let us celebrate with you!

2 thoughts on “Celebrate with Us

  1. So happy for you! In the midst of all the stuff and clutter of your lives, God shows His gracious provision. Always. Looking forward to what He will continue to do–in your family as well as ministry.

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