Wholiness – Living Holy Lives Wholly

Powerful words, and deep contemplation. I especially appreciate this quote, “But purity, in the way Jesus understood it, was something radically different.  The Greek word he uses (katharos) gets ‘to the heart’ of the matter.  Purity, in this sense, is integrity (integer = whole number), wholeness, when our inner life matches our outer behavior.”

What a lofty goal…to have our deeds match our words. How different might the world look if we really embraced this kind of wholiness.

One thought on “Wholiness – Living Holy Lives Wholly

  1. Wise words, my friend. Admitting we’re desperately broken and wicked and understanding we’re still loved and redeemed is true wholeness. Nothing to hide. I love the fact that our God sees and knows all. And still loves us. Thanks for the insights, March.

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