When Making Me Better Really Bites

Wise words, and healthy perspective, from a dear friend who is worth listening to…or reading. Thanks, Dayle.

Tip of My Iceberg

I will admit to being a somewhat aggressive person. A git ‘er done kind of gal.

It’s often quite positive. Moving me towards goals I’d like to achieve. Jobs I want to finish.

It does have its downside. My mouth is now suffering from my eagerness to do it right.imgres-1

I was told I’d need gum surgery to rebuild my receding gum line. The doctor explained that some genetics were involved. But I managed to exacerbate heredity with aggressive brushing. And flossing. Anything to keep my pearly whites pearly.

I went too far.

Not one to do anything halfway, I’d brush vigorously. Twice a day. And I’m the only one in my family to floss.

Life isn’t fair.

I had the surgery, and as gentle as the doctor was, the aftereffects aren’t fun. I’ve got this stent on the roof of my mouth that feels like someone glued a rock…

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