A Vessel in His hands to serve

As I left one appointment to go to next, I get a text that told me it was canceled.  Asking the Lord what do you have for me with this time, he brings a Christian business owner to mind that worked in that area.  I had been thinking of him off and on over the last few weeks, so I decided to stop in and visit him.  He had a half hour window to meet, so we went for lunch.  As we talked, he confided in me that for the last few months he has been struggling with both his walk with Jesus, and the ministry he has been involved in.  We talked for a while and as we were about to finish our time, he says,

“Chris, yesterday I was praying about whether to go to a counselor…today you show up and minister right into that needy area if my life.  How AMAZING!!!”

We are going to be meeting weekly for lunch to reestablish His walk with Jesus.


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