Spokane Evangelistic Campaign

On a recent mission trip, Chris observed how incredibly effective a simple Gospel presentation can be. Out of the forty-two people he was able to share the Gospel with, forty-one opened their hearts to Jesus.

Recognizing the power of such a simple strategy, he began praying about how he could implement something similar once he got home. And that is how the Spokane Evangelistic Campaign was born.

Set to launch with our first event on July 15, the Spokane Evangelistic Campaign will be an ongoing initiative, hosted in people’s home. The host or hostess begins by praying for a specific list of potential guests, at least forty days before the event begins. Then, invitations go out to eight to ten people. During the time between when the invitations go out and the event, hosts pray every single day, for each person on their list, by name.

The event is short – less than an hour – and features a friend (in this case, Chris) sharing his personal story of redemption, along with a very clear Gospel presentation and invitation. Then, the host follow ups with each person who wants more information or indicates a decision for Christ.

That’s it. Pretty simple, aye?

We’re very excited about the potential, not only for getting the word out about the hope available through a relationship with Jesus Christ, but also the impact on how people think about evangelism and discipleship. Be checking back for stories and updates. And please pray for our inaugural event on July 15!!

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