Warming Our Streets

Today, we partnered with The Adullam Project to deliver sandwiches and blankets to the homeless. It was an amazing day.

First, we helped make the sandwiches.






Then we loaded up backpacks with hand warmers, socks and hats, and blankets and headed out. Here are the four teams who went out.


Pictures can not capture what God did. But, it was truly amazing. And very humbling. At one point, a team went to a local soup kitchen only to discover they’d run out of food and still had people to feed. Several sandwiches were handed out, as well as socks, gloves, and hats. The team prayed for a guy who’d been beaten with a metal pipe. Another team was able to give a guy a ride to the Teen Challenge shelter, where he could get in from the cold, at least for a little while. One group spoke to someone for over an hour, helping him connect with his children, and even singing with them on the phone.

It only took a few hours, but lives were changed today…and probably not the ones you think. No one who participated will ever be the same.



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