Leap of Faith

Tomorrow we’ll put our daughter on a plane. She’ll travel half way around the world to bless orphans in a place about as far removed from our time and place as you can get. It is not an easy step, though we are both convinced this is God’s call on Sarah’s life. The details have come together in too miraculous a way to question God’s hand.

That reality, however, does not change the fact that we love our daughter and feel very strongly the burden to care for and protect her. Trusting God with our barely thirteen year old and allowing her to travel to across an ocean to a completely different continent, in a different hemisphere, with someone other than her mama and daddy, is a huge leap of faith.

Suddenly, I have a new and very different perspective on short term missions. It has always been my privilege to go, not to send. And not only has God asked me to send, but He has asked me to send my little girl! Tomorrow, as I watch her walk through security and move toward the concourse, without me, it will be difficult not to cry. Actually, I know I will cry!

Even so, I can not hold on to my little girl. She isn’t mine to hold; she is only mine on loan until God calls her home. So tomorrow, I will watch her walk away through tear-stained eyes, gripping tightly to my husband’s hand and clinging to Jesus’ heart.

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