At the Fair

The big girls and I volunteered at the Child Evangelism Fellowship booth at the fair on Saturday, painting faces and sharing the Gospel. We had a great time, spoke with dozens of people, and made some wonderful memories. Even Elli got in on the fun. Boy oh boy was it hot!!

It was an eye opening experience.  Of the many people who were willing to let their children hear a story about Jesus, most thought that living in America made them Christians. Even so, very few currently attend church.

My heart ached as I chatted again and again with people who live in one of the most churched nations in the world and yet know so little about having a relationship with Jesus.

At the same time, it was really neat to see my daughters living out what we’ve been trying to teach them their whole lives. That was cool.

We are called, as a family, to make sure everyone in Spokane knows someone who truly follows Jesus. Painting faces at the fair is one way we can do that.

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