List of God’s Amazing Provisions so far for 2011

  • Help with medical bills at the local hospital

  • Free diaper service (thank you, MHN moms and Sweet Cheeks Diaper Service!)

  • Help paying for JJ’s Prevacid when it was going to cost $200 for  a month

  • Prevacid with no co-pay through a mail-order pharmacy our insurance is contracted with

  • Over $1500 to work on our basement/bathroom remodeling project

  • A volunteer to help Chris with the basement; a former remodeler who is being discipled by Chris (Thank you, Chuck).

  • Additional gifts totaling almost $1000 to help with summer expenses and medical costs

  • An infant reflux wedge for JJ on ebay for $20 instead of $200!! And, the money to buy the wedge along with a new harness.

  • A fantastic stroller that JJ can ride in comfortably, for less than a quarter of the new price, and paid for by gifts

  • Help with meals at various times – makes a HUGE difference mentally to know that dinner is taken care of, even if JJ is really fussy

  • Lots of friends to help hold a fussy baby, especially Cynde, who came and helped hold JJ in the middle of the night

  • A new diaper bag (thank you, Brandy)

  • Clothes for JJ

  • Help with buying clothes for the girls and shopping

  • Materials for the bathroom remodel that are significantly below cost

  • Free design for the basement (Thank you Oscar)

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