Celebrations in Heaven

It is hard to believe the “Walking on the Moon, Walking with the Son” is over. April 14 was the culmination of almost a year’s worth of planning. The Gospel was proclaimed, hearts were touched, and lives were changed for eternity. Wow.


Numbers are always exciting, and this day was no exception. We had:

  • 6 people indicate first time decisions for Christ

  • a total of 15 people check that they were interested in hearing more about how they could have a personal relationship with Jesus (these appointments are going to be fun =>)

  • a total of 17 people express interest in a 4-week study either on the uniqueness of Jesus or basic Christian living

  • Numerous people requested information on our next event, or to learn more about Priority Associates, or to about upcoming service projects

More than the numbers, though, are the stories of changed lives, which we’ll be sharing with you in coming weeks. And, we’ll be posting photos from the events of April 14 as soon as we can. We’ll also have information on future events as well as community service projects you can be part of. So, be sure to check back often for more details. 


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