Changing a Life Story

Attending a food server’s training at the Union Gospel Mission recently, we heard the powerful and compelling story of a young woman whose life was scarred by abandonment, abuse, and addictions.  Through the love of God and His hand bringing people who were truly following Jesus across her path, this young woman found hope, healing, and restoration in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Surprised, Chris realized he could relate to the struggles of the young woman, having experienced the pain of abandonment, isolation, and the desperation that leads to functioning in survival mode.  He, too, shut off part of his heart because the pain was more than he could bear, all the while desperately seeking something that would help relieve the misery and fill the void in his heart.  As we drove away, he said, “I could have ended up at the Mission.”  It was very sobering. 

The Union Gospel Mission has a fantastic ministry to men and women who are desperately in need of hope.  Their ingenuity and intentionality have transformed many lives.  But, what if we could change stories like Chris’s and that young lady’s before the wounds went so deep?  What if we could introduce the hope and love of Jesus in the midst of the pain that led to destructive choices, instead of simply repairing the damage?  

 Answering that “What if” question is why we’re in Spokane. We are working to help Christians gain confidence in initiating conversations with those around them, transitioning to and sharing the Gospel clearly, and taking those who come to faith in Christ from being wounded and broken to being able to walk in the hope and healing of a relationship with Jesus.  As more and more Christians confidently engage in helping fulfill the Great Commission right here in our own Jerusalem, we can see Spokane become a city of hope, where everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus and we won’t be asking those “what if” questions any more.

One thought on “Changing a Life Story

  1. Hi Rodgers Family,
    Thanks for sharing your experience with with the Union Gospel Mission. Hearing how Chris and other volunteers relate to the stories of our residents touches our hearts. What a blessing to have you serve here. Thank you for your gift of service and for ministering to the Spokane Community.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Qui (on the Development team)
    Union Gospel Mission Spokane

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