Faith in Provision

If you have been reading this blog, then you know of God’s amazing provision for us, first with a dryer, then with a freezer, and most recently with a beautiful 2003 Suburban.  While the dryer and freezer met desperate needs, the Suburban was an answer to almost a year of prayer.  It also requires much more faith to receive, in a way.

A 2003 4×4 Suburban loaded with all the bells and whistles is much more expensive to insure than a 1991 uber-basic two-wheel drive Toyota pick up.  A Suburban of any sort is much more expensive to fill with gas than just about any other kind of vehicle, besides a Chevy Express van.  So, I started to worry. How will we be able to pay for insurance?  How are we going to pay for gas?  Oh no – what are we going to do?! 

Then, as I was pouring my concerns out to God, it was almost like He laughed at me.  Peace filled my heart as I was gently reminded that God has provided the Suburban.  Surely He will take care of the details with driving it!  Now I have a little more understaning for the Children of Israel as they wondered in the desert. So God had taken care of details to that point, they were frightened, they were starving, they needed water, they were tired of manna!  Seeing God’s provision in one area didn’t automatically transfer to trusting Him in another. 

I have a feeling I will repeat this class on faith and trusting again.  How thankful I am that this lesson was so easy, and that God’s heart is one of compassion and understanding for the struggles of His children, whether wandering in a desert thousands of years ago, or worrying about details  of His blessings in the 21st Century.

Just a little update: Chris called our insurance agent this morning and insurance for the Suburban will be $20 more than the truck, every six months!!  So, the difference in our budget will be a little over $3/month.  And I was all worried. Guess that is why God says not to worry – it certainly doesn’t do me any good.

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