I Wish the Ring Had Never Come to Me…

My dad went to Vietnam in 1965because he felt like it was the right thing to do, and he’d rather volunteer than be drafted.

He spent 13 months in Vietnam, serving as a military police officer, a helicopter machine gunner, and security for convoy runs in Korea.  He fought in the jungles, in the sky, and on the streets of Saigon.

Much of what my father experienced in Vietnam he wishes he’d never experienced. Like Frodo in “The Fellowship of the Ring” he wishes that the “ring had never come.” But, it did. And he has lived with that reality every day since. 

Now, though, my dad is excited. Through attending a “Bridges to Healing Conference” sponsored by Military Ministry, a division of Campus Crusade for Christ, (www.militaryministry.org) he sees that God had a plan for the suffering he’s experienced.  As a combat vet diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, he is in a unique position to reach out to other combat vets who are also struggling.  So, that is what he is doing. It is exciting to see.

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